Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't get me started on Global Warming!!

I'll talk about this BS later......

Well, I've finally decided to say a few words about this subject.....
    There is a lot of good information to be found there, though I am sure that there are plenty of other sites as well.

    People Listen, the fanaticism surrounding this whole thing ought to make you stop and think for yourselves for TWO seconds before jumping on a band wagon that is overloaded with a lot of BULL.
    WAIT NOW; I'm not saying that there is not any merit to some of their arguments, but when you see this type of hype over Anything you've got to be careful how much of it you believe. 

    Let's face it; these people think that humans are the Entire, or majority, cause of what they term "Global Warming" (It's actually been diverged into "Climate Change" now), but the point being this: They honestly believe that a bunch of politically appointed Scientists can be objective in their research opinions, let alone predict future weather events?? When these same Scientists can't even predict our Daily Weather with 100% accuracy??? Paahhlleeesse! Sure they have a lot of really cool graphs, charts and figures from past weather records but that tells us what has already happened, though not the why. Not definitively. They THINK they know, but they are really just guessing, so why don't they say as much?.......One word "FUNDING"!

    Besides, anyone who thinks that these Scientists can PREDICT THE FUTURE should have their heads examined! That is what they are saying, you know! But don't take my work for it, do your own homework, be an individual, have a brain and think for yourself instead of just following all the hype like some Lemming!

    Seriously though, this is really about who can make the most money from all of this hype. Do you really believe that any of this will benefit the common man or woman anywhere in the world?? If Al Gore and his high profile followers are so certain that major changes in lifestyle are necessary for us all, why aren't they living off the land now in some mud hut with a windmill powering it??

Think about it!!

P.S. Did I mention this has been an unusually Cold and Snowy Winter in the Northern Hemisphere considering "Global Warming" is taking place?......Paahhlleeesse!

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